Club officers serve for a two year term, current officers expire in 2026.


John Grossheim
Phone: (513) 319-9282
Email: [email protected]

Vice Director

Membership Director / Newsletter Editor
Facebook / Website

Jarrod Williams
Phone: (859) 802-7267
Email: [email protected]


Phyllis Pease
Phone: (513) 484-8530
Email: [email protected]


Amy Schroeder
Phone: (513) 602-0469
Email: [email protected]

Sunshine Lady

Margie Blomer
Phone: (513) 769-3029

Model A Restorers Club Mileage Program Liaison

Mike Wilcher
Phone: (513) 500-1940
Email: [email protected]

For more information on the MARC Mileage Program
please visit their site at: MARC Mileage Information

OVRMAFC Car Care Gang

If you are a dues paying member and in good stand within OVRMAFC, club members can request help. Tom Blomer, Terry Owens, and Dennis Schut will graciously volunteer their time and knowledge about Model A’s to help you get through an issue with your car. Just remember they will help you, they will not repair the car for you. After all, knowing how the Model A works is just as much fun as driving one! Give them a call if you need any help or advice.

Tom Blomer
Phone: (513) 769-3029

Terry Owens
Home Phone: (513) 831-8580
Cell Phone: (513) 254-1035

Dennis Schut
Phone: (513) 317-7225